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What do we collect?
The information you provide to us when you create your account or when we create an account for you: your first and last name, email, and any other profile fields you may have completed. When you use the site, information about your learning progress, the courses you are enrolled in, and the activities and resources you interact with is also stored to ensure the smooth delivery of online courses.

How is this information used?
This information is used to provide you with access to online courses. It is also used so that we can provide educational and administrative support for the site's online courses.

Who can I contact about my personal information?
You can contact the Data Protection Officer directly from your profile page by clicking on the link "Contact the Data Protection Officer".

How long is my data stored?
Your personal data is stored for as long as you are registered in one or more of the site's online courses. The data for each course is destroyed 6 months after the closing date of the course and your profile data will be deleted when you delete your account.

How can I withdraw my consent to store and process my personal data on this site?
If you have previously given your consent to allow us to collect and process your personal data and you would like to withdraw it, you can contact the Data Protection Officer from your profile page. Click on the link "Contact the Data Protection Officer".

How can I request a copy of my personal data or have them deleted?
In accordance with the provisions of the law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, the files and freedoms, you have a right of access, of modification, correction and suppression of the data which concern you. You can request access or deletion of your personal data from your profile page in the "Data protection and policies" section and then by clicking on the "Data requests" link.